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Fields of Practice: 


  • Crime, in particular Motoring Law, Special Reasons and Exceptional Hardship Hearings.

Laura Jenking-Rees - Barrister

Called: 2002 (Lincoln's Inn)


Laura Jenking-Rees served her pupillage within these chambers and has since established a busy practice undertaking solely criminal matters.  Most of her work is for solicitor defendant firms, the Crown Prosecution Service and public access clients. Laura also prosecutes benefit fraud, child maintenance non-payment, and fishing licence evasion cases for various government agencies. 

A particular specialty of Laura's is in defending motoring cases involving exceptional hardship and special reasons arguments.  

"Laura was just fantastic and I am very grateful for her expertise throughout my ordeal.  As you quite rightly put it 'I am in very good hands' and this was very much the case:"

 -Mr X - Lay Client

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