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BA (Hons) (English Literature) (London)

LLB (Hons) (London)

Called: 2013 (Lincoln's Inn)

Irene Hogarth was a criminal solicitor for 20 years and obtained Higher Rights of Audience in 2005 before transferring to the Bar in November 2013.

As a solicitor she had extensive experience in representing defendants from police station through to Magistrates' and Crown Court.  Irene also prosecuted as an agent for the Crown Prosecution Service and DEFRA, defended clients at Prison Law adjudications and represented members of the forces when they were interviewed by military or naval police. 

Irene joined Guildhall Chambers Portsmouth in 2018 and now has a busy, solely criminal, practice. 

She is instructed to defend in both Magistrates' and Crown Courts.

She also prosecutes as an agent for the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as prosecuting child maintenance non-payment for the Child Support Agency and applying for Domestic Violence Protection Orders on behalf of Hampshire Police. 

Fields of Practice:

  • Crime

  • Prison Law

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